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I’ve always enjoyed baking, but after being in France for a week and a half, I’m borderline obsessed. I came home and found an amazing flour online, bought french butter at a hoity toity market and began my adventure to further explore the pastry arts.

Stone fruit season is upon us, so naturally I went the route of a peach galette.  Mildly sweet, and tart this is such an easy way to add some homemade to your warm summer day.


Pate Brisee (or pie dough to most of us) follow Jacques Pepin’s tips here
3 ripe peaches
1 tbsp brown sugar
1 tsp white sugar
1 egg
Dash of cream


& here’s the how to:

Start by preheating your oven to 350 degrees F. Next, make the dough. You’ll need to refrigerate it before rolling it out, so during this time work on the filling by slicing your peaches and in a small bowl, mix them gently with the brown sugar. Set aside mixture, sprinkle flour on pastry board and roll out the dough into a large circle. Place filling in the center, and fold in sides around the peaches.

Before putting it in the oven, give it a good egg wash by whisking an egg and cream together and brushing it onto the dough. Sprinkle some sugar on top, and bake for 35 minutes! It’s seriously so easy, and after you make one you’ll realize just that.


Author: Jordan Alvarado

Jordan is a Restaurant and Food Photographer based out of San Francisco. As an avid traveler and professionally trained chef, she brings her passion of curing wanderlust through food right here to Hey Shug.

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