Cebollitas Asadas

One of my favorite ‘taste sensations’ in Mexico were the Cebollitas Asadas. Sweet, salty and with a hint of lime, these grilled spring onions do not disappoint.

Bunch of Spring or Green Onions
Olive Oil
1 Lime
Big Pinch of Salt

Prepare grill. In my case, I used my cast iron grill that I can use in my kitchen on my stove top! Trim the roots, but be sure to keep as much as possible on the bottom (it’s the thickest, juiciest part).
In a large bowl or sealable plastic bag, toss onions with oil and salt. Grill onions for about 5-6 minutes, flipping them over, at least twice for each side. Plate the onions, and squeeze fresh lime juice over them. Garnish with additional lime wedges.

Author: Jordan Alvarado

Jordan is a Restaurant and Food Photographer based out of San Francisco. As an avid traveler and professionally trained chef, she brings her passion of curing wanderlust through food right here to Hey Shug.

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