A Flamingo Bridal Shower Theme Is A Must

Well, you’re the maid of honor for your best friend and you’re expected to throw a party. Two parties to be precise. What is your plan of attack? What kind of theme should you have? A flamingo bridal shower? Maybe?

If someone asked me those questions, well you bet your sweet ass I would say A FLAMINGO THEMED BRIDAL SHOWER, and my best friends mom would agree. And that is what happened. The Party Dialect had us covered in terms of decor. Big pink balloons were placed randomly with flamingos in the lawn, and of course, the best flamingo straws ever!

It was so much fun! We played our very own version of Pin the tail on the donkey, but instead, ‘Make the groom starry eyed for the Bride’. There were Flamingo treats. Fun Cocktails with Flamingo straws, and pink just about everywhere.


Although some of the decor for our flamingo bridal shower was sponsored by The Party Dialect, all of my opinions are my own. Oh, and did you see the holiday party I threw back in December? We served the same pink cocktails!

Author: Jordan Alvarado

Jordan is a Restaurant and Food Photographer based out of San Francisco. As an avid traveler and professionally trained chef, she brings her passion of curing wanderlust through food right here to Hey Shug.

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