Hey Shug!
My name is Jordan.

Welcome to my little piece of the world wide web.
I’m a professionally trained Chef and Photographer based in San Francisco.
I started blogging back in 2011, on a shared desk in a small studio with a laptop that ran too hot.
Since then, I’ve rehashed my goals, gave the ole girl a new name, and voila! Hey Shug was born!
A little over a decade ago, My mama and I packed our bags in North Carolina and moved out West for a new adventure.
With it, I brought along a love for banjos, grits, and mint juleps.
Hey Shug‘ (short for Hey Sugar) is a common exclamation my mama used to beckon me to our kitchen.
I hope that what you find here is the inspiration to travel and cook your way through different cultures.

Some Fun(?) Jordan Facts:

– My favorite decades are the 50’s/60’s and my style icon is Bridgitte Bardot.

– I have the outline of Hogwarts tattooed above my right elbow.

– When I shoot film, I do it with my mom’s old Minolta that she brought with her to Egypt in the 80’s.

– I have a black Holland Lop bunny named after the Harry Potter spell “Nox”. (Yes, the HP obsession is real.)

– I married my best friend in a small medieval town in France called Noyers Sur Serein.

– My record collection involves mostly Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald and Dr Dre.

– I won Miss Congeniality in a beauty pageant when I was 16. Yet, in my Senior Yearbook, I was voted Class Clown.

– I cook over at The Riddler in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley.