A walk around Urquhart Castle made us happy girls

Since I fell in love with Scotland, I’ve wanted to walk around Urquhart Castle and explore Loch Ness in the hopes I’d find Nessie! The history of the Castle is quite extensive; it played a huge part and was a location for the Wars of Scottish Independence. So after leaving Inverness, we headed out to Loch Ness and the Highlands. When we arrived, we were directed to a theatre that teached us an abbreviated version of the history, and when finished the blinds opened to a window that overlooks the castle (see above).

Urquhart Castle Hey Shug

Exploring the ruins of the castle gave us so much pride in our heritage. The Scotts are so proud of their country, and their history. Our ancestors have fought so hard for independence, and you can still feel the hostility around. To learn more about the history of the castle, click here.

Hey Shug Urquhart Castle

Author: Jordan Alvarado

Jordan is a Restaurant and Food Photographer based out of San Francisco. As an avid traveler and professionally trained chef, she brings her passion of curing wanderlust through food right here to Hey Shug.

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